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Our space is built on love, experience, and a strong foundation of breath, movement, and strength. We value the importance of compassion, courtesy, community, commitment, and connection. This is a place where everyone is welcomed with respect, open minds, and open hearts.

Barre Class

 Barre is an energizing low impact workout has proven to create long, lean, powerful muscles. Each class will consist of warm up and sequence of upper-body exercises, which include free weights, push-ups, planks and other moves. Next, you'll use the ballet barre, props and your own body weight for resistance to focus on the lower body muscles. Our Barre will have you shaking and sculpting for the entire 60 minute class.

Adult Ballet Class

Heated Flow

This is a challenging, fluid, hot yoga practice. The postures are linked with the breath in downward-upward dog flow sequences. Flowing through a variety of asanas that benefit strength, mobility, and body-breath awareness. This class is heated to a maximum of 90 degrees with no extra humidity. All levels welcome

Advanced Flow

Up for the challenge? Advanced Flow is a heated vinyasa class - linking breath to movement through various postures to stretch, strengthen and stabilize the body. There will be fewer cues for foundational yoga poses and more opportunities to incorporate arm balances and inversions throughout the class. You can anticipate a creative, energetic, and challenging flow where the focus will be on expanding your asana practice and deepening your connection to self through movement and breath. Moderate experience recommended.



Our gym offers state of the art workout equipment for every workout. 


·         TWO WEEK INTRO – $40

·         DROP IN – $22

·         EARLY BIRD 6AM DROP IN – $10

·         1 YEAR UNLIMITED (reoccurring billing) – $130/Month

·         1 MONTH UNLIMITED – $155

·         3 months unlimted – $405

·         6 months unlimited – $780

·         student pricing – 15% off purchase

·         GYM ONLY membership - $39.99 month to month

Gym Workout
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